Pre Drywall Inspection Services

Why Do I Need A Pre Drywall Inspection?

We get this question quite a lot. To be honest with you, I think the pre drywall inspection is probably the most critical of all the inspections we do. Why do I say this, and why do you need this inspection? When a new home is being built, multiple contractors are in and out of the property, working on the different aspects of construction. Plumbers, electricians, framers, and insulators are all working independently to get their portions of the job done.

This can sometimes lead to items being overlooked and can also result in construction defects of varying degrees. However, many of these defects are covered up and not visible during the final inspection. This is why it is so important to inspect a new construction home during the framing or rough-in phase (pre drywall). Bent Nail’s independent inspection will help to ensure that the home is constructed properly.

What Is Inspected During A Pre Drywall Inspection?

Bent Nail’s Pre Drywall Inspection covers the following systems:
1. Foundations
2. Floor Systems
3. Framed Wall Systems
4. Roof Systems and Coverings
5. Heating and Cooling Systems
6. Plumbing & Electrical
7. Wall Coverings
8. Window and Door Installation

Bent Nail General Contracting and Home Inspection, LLC follows the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Professional Practice for Residential Pre-Drywall Inspections. This helps us ensure that we are offering the highest quality service that covers all the important aspects of this specialized inspection.

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