Well Water Testing

Well Water Testing for Home Loans

If you are purchasing a home with a private or shared well (meaning you are not connected to the city or public utility water) and will be getting either a conventional or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, you will be required to have the water tested at a Tennessee Certified Laboratory.  Bent Nail General Contracting and Home Inspection, LLC has partnered with a Tennessee Certified Laboratory to provide an unbiased third-party service for you to receive the required testing results.  Bent Nail can provide two standard levels of testing results, and other items can be tested upon request.

      • FHA Loan
      • Total Water Quality

Testing results are returned from the lab in three to five days.  If you are in a pinch, we can work with the lab to have the results expedited for an additional fee.

How Often Should I Test My Well Water

Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Tennessee, Department of Environment & Conservation recommends that well water testing should be tested at least annually.   It is also recommended that your well be tested if someone in your household pregnant, nursing an infant, or if you have unexplained illnesses in your family.  You also want to test your well if you notice a change in water taste, odor, color, or clarity.

Why Test Your Well Water

Many homes in Tennessee have their own water wells. While well water can be among the highest quality water in the world, sometimes it is not fit to drink, even though it looks and tastes pure.


 Having your well water tested is more than just a good idea for the safety of your family. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends having well water tested annually for coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. These and other harmful things can get into your water supply and cause many different types of sickness to those who drink it.

Well Water Testing Process

Bent Nail General Contracting and Home Inspection, LLC in partnership with our Tennessee Certified laboratory uses methods approved by the EPA and conforms to the Federal Housing Authority guidelines. Your water will be sampled and submitted to a Tennessee Certified water testing laboratory for your results. When the results come back, you will receive a report of the findings.

How to Protect Yourself and Family

If you have an existing well or a new well that has never been tested, please call us to arrange a time for us to test your drinking water. You need to know what you are drinking. Just because you are not sick doesn’t mean the water is safe. 

Please visit the following websites for more information about Well Water Testing.

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation