Private Well and Well Equipment Inspections

Water Usage Table

Well Inspections

As we conduct home inspections around the Knoxville, TN, area, we see that many houses still do not have public water. About 15% of homes across the US are estimated to use a private well as their water source. If you live in a home or are buying a house that uses a private well as its water source, there are two critical inspections you should have done to ensure your and your family’s safety. The first of these inspections is you should have the well’s water quality tested. If you have not read about the importance of testing well water, you can click this link to read more about this. The second critical inspection you should have completed is testing the well and the well equipment. Bent Nail Home Inspection Services can handle this inspection for you. Bent Nail has been trained to inspect your well equipment by a leading well equipment warranty company,  WelGard. The assessment is thorough enough that WelGard offers a free three (3) month warranty with a successful well inspection. If the inspection does reveal issues, the issues are documented so you will know what needs to be corrected.

Standard Well Diagram

How Is The Well Inspection Conducted

To inspect the well, Bent Nail will conduct a yield and flow test to help ensure the well will support a family under normal usage loads. To do this test, we will run 350 gallons or more water through the system. While doing this, we measure the flow rates at different times during the testing. Why do we run at least 350 gallons of water during the test? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average family uses more than 300 gallons of water daily. During this testing, we do not open the well casing because we do not want to risk contaminating the well with any foreign material.

Water Usage Table

How Do We Test The Well Equipment

I am sure your question now is, if you do not open the well cap, how do you inspect the well pump and other equipment to ensure it is working correctly. To inspect the well equipment, we run several diagnostics on the system and measure the cycle times of the well. By testing things like the well pump cycle time and the amperage draw of the pump, we can get a very good idea of the condition of the well’s pump and the pressure tank without needing to open the well and pull the pump.

How Much Does A Well Inspection Cost

While inspector rates vary, expect to pay on average anywhere from $300 to $500. You should also know that since most well inspections take place in more rural areas, your inspector may also charge a travel fee. At Bent Nail our well inspections start at $350.

Remember if you are buying a home in Knoxville, Sevierville, Loudon, Maryville or any other East Tennessee community, check to make sure if the house is on a private well or not. If the house has a private well, it is not a problem. Just call Bent Nail Home Inspections and we can handle the inspection of the water quality and the well equipment.